The past and future of issue advocacy: Impact on business


The program we’ve designed encompasses real-world, issue-specific advocacy training. It’s our goal that every single participant will leave the virtual classroom with the knowledge of what it takes to win a major public-policy battle.


Strategies and tactics to achieve the impossible, 

regardless of your goals.

You have goals you want to achieve. We have a unique approach to help you get there. We specialize in managing state, federal, and international issue advocacy campaigns and corporate social responsibility. We seamlessly implement a custom solution to educate, engage, and mobilize your audience.


We give your vision a voice, despite

the odds.


Unparalleled global reach and influence partnered with renowned expertise and creative strategies to anticipate, plan, and secure your future.

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Where Issues and Advocacy Intersect

Visit Our Sister Firm

Visit Our Sister Firm

Combined, the 1st Tuesday team has worked on more than 50 ballot measures across nearly all of the 30 U.S. states that allow referendums, with a 90% winning record.