Gerry Gunster

Gerry Gunster

Gerry Gunster

Founder and CEO

Gerry Gunster, Founder and CEO, leads the firm’s ballot measure initiatives and advocacy campaigns worldwide. A distinguished figure in the field, he has been awarded the “Best Advocacy Campaigns of the Year” twice and was named “International Consultant of the Year” by his peers in 2018. Gerry is a sought-after lecturer at universities and serves as an Associate Professor in Political Campaign Management at the British University in Georgia.

Before his current role, Gunster advised two U.S. Congress members and managed government affairs for Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Universal Studios, Tropicana Orange Juice Company, and The Grocery Manufacturers of America. His media contributions include producing HBO’s ‘Last Best Chance’ and writing ‘Our Land, Our Future,’ a documentary exploring the history and culture of New York’s Shinnecock Indian Nation.

Gunster holds positions on several boards, including the ‘Royal Commonwealth Society’ in London, the ‘Wyoming Seminary Preparatory School’ in Pennsylvania, and the Alliance for the Republic of Georgia.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Drew University and conducted his master’s research at the Johns Hopkins University Center for the Study of American Government.

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