Gerry Gunster

Gerry Gunster

Gerry Gunster

Founder and CEO

One of the most distinguished figures in issue advocacy, Gerry Gunster has a strategic and tactical mind. He oversees international and state advocacy issues, providing strategic counsel for Gunster Strategies Worldwide and directing ballot measure campaigns.

Before consultancy, Gerry served as an advisor for two members of US Congress, and has acted as a government affairs manager for brands such as:

  • Joseph E. Seagram & Sons
  • Universal Studios
  • Tropicana Orange Juice Company
  • The Grocery Manufacturers of America

Gerry has also been involved as the producer of HBO’s ‘Last Best Chance’ film and wrote ‘Our Land, Our Future’, a documentary about New York’s Shinnecock Indian Nation.

Additionally, Gerry has served on several boards, including the ‘Royal Commonwealth Society’ in London and the ‘Wyoming Seminary Preparatory School’ in Pennsylvania. 

Gerry’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Drew University before conducting his Master’s research at the Johns Hopkins University Center for the Study of American Government.

Gerry Gunster has made his bones directing ballot measure campaigns across the US.‘ – Washingtonian

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