Jonathan Stember


Jonathan Stember


Jonathan Stember has been a prominent figure in both political and corporate campaigns on a global scale for over 25 years.

He specializes in international advocacy and multicultural campaigns, with experience spanning Africa, South America, Europe, the Middle East and beyond, working and living by his mantra: “There’s no substitute for being there.” Stember’s exceptional negotiation skills has made him renowned in international advocacy and multicultural campaigns, and he is well-regarded for resolving complex political issues on an international scale.

Stember’s talent for establishing relationships between organizations from different sectors — and his knowledge of global political markets — allows him to quickly develop solutions that benefit all parties involved.

His outstanding reputation is founded on his remarkable ability to identify advantageous opportunities that align with stakeholders’ interests and objectives. At any given time, he can be found anywhere between South America, Europe, or the Middle East, working and living by his mantra: “No substitute for being there.”

In his personal life, Stember encourages his children to “try and meet someone new every day” — a testament to his ability to network and build connections.

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