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Gerry Gunster Talks Advocacy with


How does the presidency affect issue advocacy campaigns? Gerry Gunster discusses how coalition messaging changes with presidential administrations. 

National Journal: Gunster is an Image Maker

Gerry Gunster has been promoted to partner at Goddard Claussen, a political strategy and public-affairs firm. He most recently served as executive vice president and has been a deputy to co-founder Ben Goddard for the past 10 years. Goddard is perhaps best known for creating the “Harry and Louise” ads that helped sink healthcare reform during the Clinton administration.

Ben Goddard and Gerry Gunster Join Forces as Goddard Gunster

Washington, D.C.—January 4, 2012—Fifteen years ago, Forbes branded the Goddard crew, “the go-to-guys in issue advocacy.” Today, Ben Goddard and longtime business partner Gerry Gunster are beginning a new phase of groundbreaking public affairs work as Goddard Gunster, Inc.

Big Win for Big Soda

A judge has halted New York City’s ban on large sugary drinks just a day before it was to go into effect, handing a major victory to the American beverage industry, which had feared that soda bans could spread across the country.

Goddard Gunster Teams with CQ Roll Call

“For those whose business is advocacy, navigating the U.S. political scene can be especially difficult,” Gunster said. “With the congressional shift, a president determined to leave his mark and the presidential elections off to an early start, the U.S. political waters have become downright treacherous. You need to know what you’re up against and have plan to get there. This is why this training is so important.”

Home office truths: Chopper's Politics

Host of Chopper’s Politics, Christopher Hope, and campaign strategist, Gerry Gunster, CEO of Gunster Strategies Worldwide, discuss the significance behind the 2020 Super Tuesday results and what to expect in the upcoming months. Topics included clear winners and losers, increased competitiveness within the candidate field, the unpredictability of November’s election results, and more.

Resonate: Know Your Audience

Remember the dawn of the “soccer mom” — the voting segment known for putting the needs of her children before her own? Bill Clinton wisely microtargeted this swing demographic in his 1996 presidential campaign.

Almost 20 years later, the campaign strategy known as “microtargeting” has become a campaign must-have.

CQ Roll Call: Gunster on How to Target Paid Media 

I talked about why it’s so important to connect an advocacy campaign’s message to a finely honed target.

Now let’s go into how it’s done.

CQ Roll Call: Gunster on False Consensus Effect

The False Consensus Effect: Perhaps you learned about it in Psych 101?

It’s the tendency to overestimate the level to which other people share our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. In other words, a “false consensus” is what happens when you assume others think and feel as you do.

And it’s a campaign killer.

Sky News interviews Gerry Gunster

BBC Interviews Gerry Gunster on Campaign Strategy

Every campaign needs a sharp political strategist - and Leave. EU has Gerry Gunster. Gunster's job is to mastermind a campaign to convince Britains they are better off without the European Union. 

Powerhouse Firm Renames to Gunster Strategies

Goddard Gunster – one of Washington's leading public affairs firms – announced today that it is changing its name to Gunster Strategies Worldwide. The updated moniker reaffirms the company's commitment to delivering winning strategies for corporate responsibility, state, federal, and international advocacy campaigns. The brand shift signals a new era for the company's vision, which includes a broader array of services and expertise.

Missouri Marijuana Legalization: Gunster Predicts Win

A poll released by 1st Tuesday Campaigns, a new bi-partisan firm focused on state and international ballot referendums and initiatives, showed a dead heat for the U.S. Senate with a month to go until Election Day, while three measures aimed at legalizing medical marijuana all enjoy comfortable leads. The October 5-6 survey of 1,052 likely Missouri voters has Republican Josh Hawley up 2 points over Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill – 44%-42% with 11% undecided. Each of the measures to legalize marijuana receives 62% yes or better.

Wall Street Journal, United Kingdom 

Britain to leave has hired referendum specialist Gerry Gunster.

Do ballot measures effect voter turnout?  

Matt Rodriguez discusses how ballot measures could have effected the 2020 Presidential election with CEO Gerry Gunster.

Rob Leggat Talks International Advocacy 

Former Gunster Senior VP and VP of International Affairs at Walmart and General Motors, Rob Leggat, discusses how advocacy differs internationally and how to advocate effectively overseas. 

Gunster: Foreign-Funded Ballot Measure Decision Demands States’ Attention


In all their various forms, ballot measures are an essential part of the direct democracy process. History has shown that direct democracy – although not perfect – has resulted in dramatic social and economic changes that legislative bodies didn’t have the courage to do themselves. But it is reserved for state and local citizens and not foreign nationals.  

Isabel Oakeshott and Gerry Gunster talk Biden Administration, Changes in Issue Advocacy 


Political Broadcaster and Journalist, Isabel Oakeshott, interviews CEO Gerry Gunster on our most pressing questions - How is Biden really doing? How can we reach this new White House? Will Trump have a chance in 2024? 

British University in Georgia to host global advocacy leader Gerry Gunster

Gunster Strategies Worldwide and British University in Georgia are partnering to help educate key decision makers, upcoming leaders and university students on how to use international advocacy to influence change.

Matt Rodriguez Talks Success on California's Prop. 22 with Gerry Gunster 

Rodriguez discusses California's Prop. 22 - the most expensive ballot measure in history - and how he gave UberLyft, and DoorDash drivers a voice. 

Ed Kelley Interviews Gerry Gunster on 2020 Election 

Gunster discusses the most expensive ballot measure in U.S. history. 

CEO Gerry Gunster sits down with Forbes to discuss issue advocacy in business.

Gunster Strategies Worldwide and British University in Georgia are partnering to help educate key decision makers, upcoming leaders and university students on how to use international advocacy to influence change.

Gunster Strategies Worldwide partners with British University in Georgia to teach global advocacy

Gunster Strategies Worldwide and British University in Georgia are partnering to help educate key decision-makers, upcoming leaders, and university students on how to use international advocacy to influence change.